First Craft Supplies Haul

Yeay! I just bought some new craft supplies, and since I’m still working on the third episode of Today’s Attempt, why don’t I make a craft supplies haul post. So here we go!

First thing I want to show you is this cool ruler. What’s special about this ruler is that this transparent ruler has 0.5 cm grid on it so it’s perfect if you want to make a quick lining. Also this ruler has metal cover on the other side and it comes very handy especially when you are a lazy person like me. With this ruler you don’t have to switch ruler from the plastic to the metal one every time you need a quick cut, and it saves a lot of time.

30 centimeters long ruler that I bought last month.
30 centimeters long ruler that I bought last month.

One thing that I find a little bit irritating about this ruler is that it tends to slip easily especially when you working with something with a smooth surface, but hey for a thing that only cost 13.000 Rupiahs (about $1) I can’t really complain because this ruler is pretty awesome!

Cotman Watercolor Pocket Set by Winsor & Newton
Cotman Watercolor Pocket Set by Winsor & Newton.

Next item that I bought is this Cotman watercolor pocket set by Winsor & Newton. I’ve always wanted to have this nice set of watercolor since I was in college and now I finally got one! Well, I’m not going to review this watercolor because I’m not an expert and don’t really know much about watercolor either. But in my amateur experience using watercolor, the colors is quite vibrant and the texture is creamy (which is nice) I’m not sure how to describe it but in my experience, some other brands I used to have tend to be chalky so when you brush and mix the colors sometimes it didn’t mix that well.

My very own version of Moleskine pocket journal.
My very own version of Moleskine pocket journal.

To test my new watercolor, I also bought 4 sheets of A3 size watercolor paper and since I don’t actually draw in a big medium I divided the paper into 16 sheets of A5 size. And I didn’t stop there; I turned those 16 sheets of paper into a Moleskine style journal.


Sure the result isn’t as neat as the real thing but at first glance you can’t really tell that this journal is handmade. Plus, if you have to pay about $14 for the real Moleskine journal, my journal only costs about 25.000 Rupiahs (about $2).

Watercolor test illustration.
Watercolor test illustration.

Okay, so that’s all about it, I hope you like it and hopefully I can post a lot more about craft supplies. See you next post!

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